Carbide Thermal Spray Powder

Grade Typical composition Morphology Particle size
GR06 WC6Co Spherical -1800+400um
GS06 WC6Co Spherical -175+45um
GS13 WC13Co Spherical -175+53um
GP12 WC12Co Spherical -45+15um
GP12-1 WC12Co Spherical -53+15um
GP12-2 WC12Co Spherical -38+5um
GP12-3 WC12Co Spherical -45+5um
GP12-4 WC12Co Spherical -63+11um
GP12-5 WC12Co Spherical -90+15um
GP17 WC17Co Spherical -45+15um
GP17-1 WC17Co Spherical -53+11um
GP17-2 WC17Co Spherical -38+5um
GP20 WC20Co Spherical -53+11um
GP20-1 WC20Co Spherical -90+45um
GP10C WC10Co4Cr Spherical -45+15um
GP10C-1 WC10Co4Cr Spherical -53+15um
GP07N WC20CrC7Ni Spherical -45+15um
GP07N-1 WC20CrC7Ni Spherical -53+15um
GQW-1 W Spherical -63+15um

Packing: in plastic bag with outer iron drums of 50/100kgs net each.

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