Tungsten Trioxide(YTO ) - Normal Grade

1.Chemical composition

Elements Max Content(%)
Al 0.0005
As 0.0009
Bi 0.0001
Ca 0.0005
Cd 0.0001
Cr 0.0005
Co 0.0005
Cu 0.0001
Fe 0.001
Mg 0.0005
Mn 0.0005
Mo 0.002
Na 0.0005
Ni 0.0005
K 0.001
P 0.0007
Pb 0.0001
S 0.0007
Sb 0.0003
Si 0.001
Sn 0.0001
Ti 0.0005
V 0.0005

2.Physical characteristics
Apparent density:1.8~3.0g/cm3
The range is to be specified by the customer.
FSSS: 6~23 μm
Besides the sieve analysis we can meet other requirements from the customers.

Packing in iron drums with inner cloth bags or plastic bags of 50kgs,100kgs or 200kgs net each.
Packing in woven bags with inner white cloth bag and plastic bag on wood pallets,1000kg each.

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