Tungsten Carbide Balls

The application of tungsten carbide balls are extremely broad, such as: precise bearings, instruments, meters, pen, spraying machines, pumps, machinery parts, valve seals, brake pump, esxtruding hole, oil, hydrochloric acid lab, hardness measuring instrument, fishing gear, with heavy, ornamented, finished, and some other high-end industry!

The process of making tungsten carbide balls

tungsten carbide ballstungsten carbide ballstungsten carbide ballstungsten carbide ballstungsten carbide balls

1. Heading a tungsten carbide balls

2. Flashing:To remove the "ring" around the tungsten carbide balls, the slugs are then flashed. This flashing gives the ball a rough finish

3. Heat treating: After flashing, the rough tungsten carbide balls are then heat treated. This high temperature process hardens the balls.

4. Grinding: After the tungsten carbide balls is heat treated, the ball is then ground to the approximate diameter of the finished ball.

5. Lapping: After the tungsten carbide balls is ground to approximate size, the ball is then lapped. This lapping process polishes the ball to the exact size required. This gives the ball a shinny finish.

6. Inspection: After the tungsten carbide balls are removed from the lapping process the balls are inspected. This is done mechanically and visually. The balls are measured either through a fine tuned tapered roller or by a digital micrometer. These devices are capable of measuring within millionths of an inch. Once it is determined that the balls are within measured specifications, they are visually inspected through a high powered microscope. Once they are approved by quality control, the balls are then packaged and shipped to the customer.

tungsten carbide ballstungsten carbide ball

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different diameters

different tungsten carbide grades or chemical compositions

different surface conditions, both in sintered blank and fine grinding

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