Molybdenum Wire for Spraying

Due to its high abrasion and resistance,molybdenum has become an indispensable material for metal spraying technology and sprayed thermally on surfaces of automobile parts,such as piston rings,synchronizer rings,shift elements,etc.Molybdenum spray wire is also used in reqairs of machine parts,such as bearing,bearing shells,shafts,etc. Furthermore,molybdenum spray wire is applied as an intermediate layer.

Very good interlaminar strength at strong thermal and mechanical loadings.

Physical Properties
1.Recrystallization:Starting Tenperature≥850°C。
2.Tensile Strength:≥800N/mm2

Chemical Composition In%

Brand Mo Content Maximum Content of Impurities
Total Al Si C/Fe/Ti Ni/O/Cr Ca/Mg/Na
HLMo1 ≥99.95 0.05 0.002 0.003 0.005 0.003 0.002

State of Finished Products

Sizes(mm) Surface Reel Weight(kg) Packing
Φ3.17 Black 10~25 Self-coiling
Φ2.31 Black 10~25 Self-coiling
Φ1.60 Black 10~25 Self-coiling,or reel
Φ1.45 Black 10~25 Self-coiling,or reel

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