Tungsten Wire


Thanks to the advanced equipment and technology,doped tungsten wire and special alloy tungsten wire have good performance in high-temperature non-sag property,coilability,diameter uniformity and stability.Quality registers the international advanced level.According to different applications and requirements efficiency and usability.

Selection Guide

Type Brand Features Diameter (mm) Application
Non-SAG Anti-shock Electric Discharge Machina -bility
Pure Tungsten HW11 0.1~3.0 Heating materials in furnace; Non-radioactive welding electrode;contact material
Doped Tungsten HW31 0.005~3.0 Filament of fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamp;HID electrode.
HW41 0.1~3.0 Heating resistor for vacuum metallization;heating materials in furnace;HID electrode;support wire.
HW42 0.1~3.0 Heating resistor for vacuum metallization;support wire.
HW61 0.005~3.0 Filament of incandescent lamp;fluorescent Lamp and energy-saving lamp;support wire;printer pins.
HW71 0.005~3.0 Anti-shock filament of auto lamp
HW91 0.005~3.0 Filament of halogen lamp,high color temperature lamp and auto lamp
HW99 0.005~3.0 Long-life filament of halogen lamp
Thoriated Tungsten HWTh10 0.1~5.0 Magnetron coil;HID electrode;welding electrode
HWTh20 0.1~5.0 Welding electrode;HID electrode;welding electrode
HWTh40 0.1~5.0 HID electrode;welding electrode
Lanthanum Tungsten HWLa10 0.1~5.0 Non-radioactive welding electrode
HWLa15 0.1~5.0 Non-radioactive welding electrode
HWLa20 0.1~5.0 Non-radioactive welding electrode
Cerium Tungsten HWCe10 0.1~5.0 Non-radioactive welding electrode
HWCe15 0.1~5.0 Non-radioactive welding electrode
HWCe20 0.1~5.0 Non-radioactive welding electrode
Yttrium Tungsten HWY20 0.1~5.0 Non-radioactive welding electrode
Compound Rare earth Tungsten HWMX 0.1~5.0 Non-radioactive welding electrode

Note:●Best  ◎Better  ○Good  △Not

State of Finished products and corresponding Code

Products available

Code State of Finished Products Code State of Finished Products Code State of Finished Products
C Chemical Cleaned DS As-Drawn & Straightened EHS Electrolytic Polished&Annealed & Straightened
CS Chemical Cleaned & Straightened E Electrolytic Polished ES Electrolytic Polished& Straightened
D As-Drawn EH Electrolytic Polished&Annealed H Annealed

Sizes and Tolerance

Diameter (μm) Weight (mg/200mm) 200mmWeight Tolerance(%) Diameter Tolerance(%)
Grade0 GradeⅠ GradeⅡ GradeⅠ GradeⅡ
8<d≤14 0.19<p≤0.59 ±3.0 ±4.0 ±5.0
14<d≤18 0.59<p≤0.98 ±2.5 ±3.0 ±4.0
18<d≤40 0.98<p≤4.85 ±2.0 ±2.5 ±3.0
40<d≤80 4.85<p≤19.39 ±1.5 ±2.0 ±2.5
80<d≤300 19.39<p≤272.71 ±1.0 ±1.5 ±2.0
300<d≤350 272.71<p≤371.18   ±1.0 ±1.5
350<d≤500 ±1.5 ±2.0
d>500 ±1.0 ±1.5

Note:sizes and tolerance could be custom-made.


As for the straightened tungsten wire,The following requirements of straightness shall be reached:

①As for the tungsten wire at or thinner than 100μm(30.3mg),vertical height of 500mm freely suspended wire shall not be less than 450mm。

②As for the tungsten wire thicker than 100μm,piece of 200mm wire is put on a paper sheet and the arc is evaluated between 2 points separated by 100mm,the maximum height of the arc is 10mm。

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